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Check my  photos and see some of my pictures at the Hornby Summer School in Sorocaba, Brazil, January 2006. Hard work!! Nice people, participants and tutors alike!!


About me

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My name is Nahir, and I’m from Venezuela where I work as an ELTeacher at Instituto Pedagógico de Caracas. Here we train pre- and in-service teachers of English as a Foreign Language. I like using the web to be updated regarding ELT and to try new tools and applications in my courses. This is the first time I have and use a blog. I hope to learn how to use this tool to include it in my teaching.That’s it for now!!!

Let’s blog

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This is a conversation between hornby Andrea and me at the Hornby Summer School in Sorocaba.

Andréa: Hi Nahir, let’s blog?

Nahir: Yeah, let`s share our 6th HSS day.

Andréa: We had two new guest speakers with us, Thelma Gimenez from Paraná / Brazil and Julian Wing from British Council, Rio de Janeiro. All of us were wearing our yellow Hornby T-shirts for an official picture session. Nahir, Margit asked us what stood out in our minds, impressions and opinions about David Graddol`s talk. What did your group say?

Nahir: We mentioned that English may be considered like a skill in the future, a media for studying. We also discussed what Global English is and what the implications for teaching and learning it are and some other burning issues. Andréa, afterwards we had David`s session, what was it about?

Andréa: It was about using corpus and concordance and how they can be used to help our students develop their writing and reading skills. We analyzed a student`s essay from different points of view: macro and micro pattern levels. We had an interesting discussion about checking either concordance software or Google to check what is acceptable. It would be interesting to have a Brazilian Corpora, for instance, showing how creative we could be with collocations. So, how did you like our official picture session?

Nahir: It was really nice! During our coffee break we had lots of laughter making serious and funny faces and hundreds of official pics, as many as cameras we had there.

Andréa: Yeah. It was a hot and long 15-minutes of fame, good fun anyway. 30, 20, 10, 9…1 second to start the session what was it about?

Nahir: It was Vanessa`s turn to have us think about her previous session on OSDE Methodology and visit their website to find out more about its theoretical and practical background and a project that has been carried out. Do you remember anything else?

Andréa: We had a discussion in groups, and later Vanessa clarified a few aspects such as assessment and the main aim of the project which is developing critical literacy not content, how knowledge is produced, who`s behind it and what the implications are. Sara mentioned the UN document about human rights available in the UN website. Lunch time!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nahir, what was Thelma`s talk about?

Nahir: It was about ELTeCS and how we can set up projects and get funds for them. It was interesting to know that they have some money waiting for ELT projects to be approved in our regions. Good opportunity for collaborative work among different countries with a common goal. We also had an excellent warm up by José Antônio which made us interact a lot. SNACK TIME! (again). After this, our swap ideas session. How was it?

Andréa: It was great! Shaun showed us a memory game with collocations related to environment. Alexandre told us about his project “the box” to develop writing skill with teens which turned out to be a success and Maria Esther also shared one of the favourite activities she uses in class. Nahir, how was the day wrapped up?

Nahir: We were split into Brazilians and non-Brazilians groups (buahh) In my group, we wrote our feedback of the day, and later on we said how we have been feeling since we are far away from home. We missed the other group in this session. What about you? Did you miss us?

Andréa: Yeah, I did actually. Vanessa displayed some pics on the floor and we choose the one or ones that could represent what we`ve been through at HSS. There were many interesting comments. Swimming pool time!!! Oh Nahir you should have gone to the pool, it was wonderful! There was even a role play / soapopera where Pablo (an Argentinean guy) and Janete (a Brazilian woman) met in a disco. Next chapter comes soon. After dinner Shaun taught us how to dance forró, bizarre to be Brazilian and be taught how to dance forró by an Irish! Anyway he was a good teacher, his PPP approach worked pretty well!!

Nahir: OH, that sounds fun! I went to the karaoke, and sang a few songs together. We also had a little taste of Peruvian and Venezuelan drinks. Well, I think that was all for the day, great, wasn`t it?

Andréa: Yes, another great day and there are much more ahead! Good night!

Nahir. Good night, Andréa, sweet dreams.

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