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January 26, 2006 at 1:15 am | Posted in General | 6 Comments

My name is Nahir, and I’m from Venezuela where I work as an ELTeacher at Instituto Pedagógico de Caracas. Here we train pre- and in-service teachers of English as a Foreign Language. I like using the web to be updated regarding ELT and to try new tools and applications in my courses. This is the first time I have and use a blog. I hope to learn how to use this tool to include it in my teaching.That’s it for now!!!



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  1. Hi teacher!!!! I was looking for you. I think I already accepted your invitation.

  2. thank you for being interesting in teaching us better.
    our best wishes

  3. Great blog Nahir. Congratulations and thanks for sharing it at BaW07. We have to meet one day. I have heard great things about you and all the group that went to Merida. Keep up the great work you have already started.
    Berta from USB, on sabbatical

  4. Hi Berta,

    Thanks for visiting and your encouraging words.

    For sure, we have to meet when you return, maybe for your welcome party!



  5. Thanks teacher for your blog and for your interest of us. I want to learn how to make my blog.

  6. Hi Erly,

    Thanks for your words.

    Your wish will come true: we will be working with blogs and wikis in our course.



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