At last !!!

July 8, 2006 at 12:51 am | Posted in General | 13 Comments


  I’m so happyyyyy!!!  I finally have an audio-video blog!!!




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  1. teacher please check my blog…i´ve already sent my check it out….. c ya

  2. i didn´t know i was supposed to give a physical description….besides my boyfriend is next to me and he´s starting to asking questions……….jejejejeje

  3. Hi Nahir, I am happy for you. I hope3 we can develop some projects this semester.
    Miss you.

  4. Greetings! this is my blog, please check it to see what can be improved. Reva

  5. My blog is

  6. hi, nahir it´s been a while… this audio-video blog is very wonderfull and I’ll try this activity in my blog… besides, robbie williams is one of my favorite british artists. excellent taste!

  7. Yay! Way to go!

  8. Hi Nahir!!Congratulations! This is so awesome that we can’t wait to have our own audiovideoblog in our university!!! I know our students will love to participate in this project. Thanks!!!

  9. Congratulations,Nahir! this is awesome!I like the layout too.Good luck wiht your future projects.Hala/Sudan

  10. Hi, my beloved teacher. I’d like to check your new blog. By the way, I need your help! Is it possible for you to send me some websites adresses in order to get authentic material for my listening activities? I hope u r OK. Take care! XXX

  11. I want to check ur audio video blog. I think it may be helpful 4 me.

  12. Hi Migdalia,

    I’ve sent to your mail some links that you’d like to check. You can also visit, in our research blog, Minerva’s podcast, the audiolesson she prepared for listening.

    I hope this is useful.


  13. hi Nahir!

    this is the first time i see your blog and it’s pretty cool =) when i have some time (and internet at my house) i’ll start my very own.. this could be a fun activity for those who are able to access the net.

    Well that’s it for now! thanks for the invite and i guess i’ll see you in class teacher!



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