Where I was…

February 26, 2007 at 6:54 pm | Posted in EFL ELT | Leave a comment

 No recent posts!  More than 2 months without writing. Busy, busy I have been. Now, as this term has just finished, I can finally take my time to sit and show part of what I have been doing with my students.

I had an “Introduction to Linguistics ” course at university with low-intermediate sts. I wanted them to work with blogs, but again technology at public universities won this round.

Nevertheless, I could manage have ss do something with this tool. They didn’t open their own blogs (as I wanted)  so I wrote some posts, and asked ss to comment on them. 

To read  their  comments  you can follow this link here , or click on Linguistics in the blogroll. Visit and leave a comment if you like.



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