Elvis Costello – She

March 24, 2007 at 6:45 pm | Posted in General | 9 Comments

I like this song and Elvis’ performance…



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  1. On behalf of bleiva2003

    Thanks, Nahir, for visiting my blog and bookmarking it. Sorry if I leave the comment here but I could not access your profile to thank you.
    As to the video here, it seems to start off automatically. I wonder if it was being played when you generated the code or maybe this particular video has a bit of malfunctioning. Anyway, great idea to post it here and use this powerful tool, as videos always are.

    Cheers, Berta

    Feb 5, 12:31

  2. A note on the previous comment:

    The video I had posted here had a problem I couldn’t solve.I decided to delete it, but I didn’t want to lose Berta’s nice comment on it. So i decided to copy the comment here.

    I hope I haven’t broken any law…

    Thanks for visiting, Berta.

  3. It is the first time that I listen this artist(Elvin Costello ), and in my opinion he has a great voice and the song is beautiful. When The song finished I felt strange, well but strange, I don´t know.And i liked the song because I consider my self so romantic… I like happy endings jejeje. Teacher I recommend to see ” What dreams may come” with Robin Williams. I always cry(weep)in the ending. I would like to be loved in that way …

  4. Hi Erly,

    Be sure I won’t miss that film. I’m a confessed romantic and always cry (weep) with this kind of movies. I never get tired of watching “Notting Hill”, and whenever I see it I come to my blog to see this video (that’s why I posted it here) I just love this song. Did you know there is another (old) version of this song by Charles Aznavour, a French singer? I like that one too.

    Thanks for viiting,


  5. nice!

  6. cool mom!!!!

  7. Thankz for visiting, sonny!

  8. Another film is “monalisa smile”, this film remember you, you are making the role of julia roberts. You make me feel that I can do whatever a want it doesn´t matter if I fail. The most important thing is to put all your heart and take risks! great and good job naihr!!!!!!

  9. Thank you very much for this nice comment..

    The truth is that I love what I do. I am happy if I can have my students devote passion to this career, and if you noticed that then it means I’m on the right track.



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