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For an explanation about this, please check the Intercultural page in this blog.


Elvis Costello – She

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I like this song and Elvis’ performance…

At last !!!

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  I’m so happyyyyy!!!  I finally have an audio-video blog!!!


Robbie Williams- Angel

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I couldn’t help posting “Angels” video at the time I first saw it. I don’t know what happened to Grouper that took it away from their list.

 So I decided to delete what was left and write this instead. I didn’t want to lose my friends’ comments below.

 Thanks for your words!

Click and listen.

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powered by ODEO

Venezuelan flag.

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    This is our flag on the top of the world                                                                          Our flag


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The door is open . . . feel free to enter, look around, and leave a comment, please.

Beginning . . .

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Blogging has been around for some years, mainly as personal online journals. However, teachers around the world have been using it in their daily practice in education, for both, reflection on their professional practice, and as a tool for teaching and learning.

 Our institution lags behind it. Why? Many reasons come into play: lack of time, resources, IT training, you name it.  Members of our community have the responsibility of inserting ourselves in this world, which is part of the Information and Communication Technology. By doing this, we are helping our college to move into it. 

Check this.

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Check my  photos and see some of my pictures at the Hornby Summer School in Sorocaba, Brazil, January 2006. Hard work!! Nice people, participants and tutors alike!!

About me

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My name is Nahir, and I’m from Venezuela where I work as an ELTeacher at Instituto Pedagógico de Caracas. Here we train pre- and in-service teachers of English as a Foreign Language. I like using the web to be updated regarding ELT and to try new tools and applications in my courses. This is the first time I have and use a blog. I hope to learn how to use this tool to include it in my teaching.That’s it for now!!!

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